Life Transformative Coaching Program

Creating Awareness for Life Mastery - (CALM)

I am not what I am known for!

Hi Welcome! Socially I am Gopalan, and professionally I am the founder of CHANGE – a learning centre for personal and organizational change management. Truly, I am neither my name, nor my profession. These are only my social and professional identities. I am not my qualification, social and economic status. I am not my religion, nationality, language, caste, colour or creed. I am none of them! I am not anything that I am known for at all!! Samething holds good to vast majority of people.

Recognizing our True Identity: Both, A Challenge and Solution:

Given the intensity of our engagement in the physical world, recognizing our True Identity can be a challenge in our life. But, it is also the master solution to our life. Ever since I have begun to become aware of my True-Self just a few years back, I am experiencing truly powerful, and a Life of abundance, inner satisfaction, happiness and peace. As a part of my return gift to the universe, I am happy to share with you my awareness on the invisible spiritual dimension of human form of life and its role in creating visible physical results in our life – by extension the quality of our life.

Spiritual Science and Material Science:

I am grateful for your kind attention to this short introduction of our highly charging, inspiring and empowering life transformative coaching program called Creating Awareness for Life Mastery (CALM) . Being calm helps you discover your True-Self which in turn powers you to serve your true purpose of your existence!   Mastery in material science does not help us master our life. At best it can help us earn some money and social, professional and political status. But it does not help us serve the purpose of human existence. It is only mastery in spiritual science and compliance with spiritual laws which would help us master our life and experience a meaning of our existence.
You know, in the Universe, everything happens for a reason. Seen this way, your arrival at this site could mean the Universe’s response to your search for the Secrets of success in human life. So congratulations!

Role of Spiritual Awareness in Succeeding in Life:

Hardly 5% of the Peopleworld-over are aware of the spiritual dimension of human form of life and recognize the truth that it is the invisible spiritual forces within, which create physical results in human life. These people control such forces, consciously, create the life of their choice, scale peak in any aspect of their lives, live in lasting abundance, inner happiness, satisfaction and peace. A few of them even go on history with name and fame.

Impact of unawareness of spiritual dimension of human life:

In contrast, vast majority of us, irrespective of our socio-economic and political status and irrespective of our religion, nationality, language, race, colour, creed and caste, due to our ignorance and neglect of the spiritual dimension of human form of life, end up attracting a life of limitations, scarcity, misery and suffering in one form or the other. Limitations and scarcity could manifest in one or more areas such as: academic performance and attainment, professional situation, work environment, financial freedom, health, and the associated negative inner emotions of dissatisfaction, distress and unhappiness – in short the overall quality of life. The sad part is that we do not recognize that it is we who create such a situation for ourselves.

Limitations and Scarcity in our Life are Our Own Creation:

Spiritually enlightened people are aware that such a life of limitation, scarcity, misery and suffering is our own creation and these are only the manifestations of one fundamental, underlying and central problem the human race is suffering from, from time immemorial. And that problem is

Our ignorance of our True-Identity

In this short introduction of our program, you will discover how to overcome this Identity Crisis and its negative physical and emotional consequences. By practicing the techniques presented, you would be able:

  • a) To recognize your True-self and your False self;
  • b) To develop skills to remain True-self;
  • c) To put your false-self for limited but creative purposes alone; and
  • d) To consciously attract a life of abundance of prosperity, inner satisfaction, happiness and peace.

Our CALM program is the master solution for every problem the World faces today. CALM is the Solution for freedom from a life of scarcity, limitation, misery and suffering towards a life of abundance in visible physical realities as well as invisible inner state.

In the grand scheme of things in the Creation, everyone is equal. Everyone is the Co-Creator with God. The purpose of human existence is infinite.

“Ever Freer, Fuller, Greater and Expanded Expression of Life and Adding Value to Others in the Process”

To serve this infinite purpose every-one of us have been gifted with infinite power with which all of uscan create a life of choice with abundance of prosperity and inner satisfaction, happiness and peace.

Therefore, limitation, scarcity, misery and suffering are our own creations. There is absolutely no need for anyone to live such a life.

Does that mean vast majority of world population living a life of limitations, scarcity, misery and suffering consciously create such a life for themselves?

No. We unconsciously create such a life for ourselves. This is how it happens:

  • a) We are ignorant about how results occur in human life. When I say ‘I’ have succeeded or I have failed or when we say it is ‘Me’ who has done and when we say ‘it is mine’ who do we refer to? Who is this ‘I’, ‘Me’ and ‘Mine’?
  • b) We are unaware of the spiritual dimension of human form of life. Even if we have had some opportunities to listen to spiritual discourses, we are not conscious of our spiritual dimension during our day to day life processes.
  • c) We are ignorant of the truth that it is the invisible spiritual force within which create visible physical results and the consequent inner emotions.
  • d) We are unaware of the truth that it is only by appropriately controlling the spiritual forces we can create a life of abundance and happiness
  • e) We are unaware of the truth that the level of our effectiveness in controlling the spiritual forces within determines the level of our success and happiness and failure and sorrow.
  • f) We are ignorant of the truth that we are suffering from a loss of memory of our powerful true-self, in our excessive engagement in the physical world with no due attention to our spiritual side.
  • g) Over a period of time, we have become completely unaware of who we truly are. We are in eternal deep sleep of ignorance of our True-Self. and by default our false-self started running our life.

In its characteristic psychological time mode of functioning, the False-Self determines our life – what we deserve and what we don’t; what we can and what we cannot; what our capacity is and what is not; what we can achieve and what we cannot; and overall what our worth is and what is not etc., influenced by our paradigm which is genetically and environmentally accumulated belief system, based on the images of our past life experiences and actions which were originally influenced by our primordial emotion of fear. We are born with and nurturing this problem throughout our life in every costume. We would continue this mode of functioning with our false belief that:

  • a)The life we are leading is the one granted to us and not changeable for better or to our choice.
  • b)It is our circumstances and past which control our life and that we cannot change it for better
  • c)People living in abundance, name and fame we envy are specially gifted people and our fate is to live a life of scarcity.

Accordingly our false-self with its psychological time mode of functioning takes us through the ‘known path’ i.e.,, the life of limitation, scarcity, misery and suffering)

The core of the truth is

‘we are not who we think we are’ and ‘what we think we are’! We are spiritual by nature. We are unaware of our true values, our role in the universe, our purpose and our true-power’.

This is the fundamental ignorance we are suffering from, from time immemorial. In our ignorance of our true-self, our false-self,acting on the influence of our paradigm, tend to keep us in our comfort zone though every one of us has numerous aspirations which, we are conditioned to believe, are beyond our reach. Behind such belief of limitation and incapacity lies our ‘Self-Image’ – the multitude of our beliefs, habits, practices, actions and experiences’ originally caused by our primordial emotion of fear. And, this primordial emotion is the effect of our loss of memory of WHO WE TRULY ARE!

Unless the spiritual dimension of human life is recognized and nurtured, and unless the 14 spiritual laws that govern our lives are harmonized, a) human life is not complete; b) we cannot be happy enough; c) we cannot experience the life of our choice; d) we would continue to be groping in dark as to how and from where problems crop up in our lives and how to avoid such problems; and e) we could experience a sense of failure in our life and a sense of discontent and longing for something in our life irrespective of how high or how low we may be in social, economic, political status.

Discontent and Longing – The Voice of our True-Self:

The sense of longing and discontent we experience within for something or the other represents the dissatisfaction of the True-Being over the quality of life exposed to it by the False-Being in relation to what we are capable of and what we are born for and what the True Us are always meant to express. The discontent and longing represent our unfulfilled desire to become more and accomplish more. By being conscious of our True-Self, we could alter our self-image and self-belief and accomplish more to satisfy our inner urge. By not being conscious of our True-Self, we follow our False-Self which functions on the basis of psychological time mode and take us only to its ‘known path’ of limitation, scarcity, suffering, dissatisfaction, dejection and frustration in our life.

It is only with the spiritual knowledge and by being in harmony with such knowledge one can scale any height in any aspect of life – be it formal education, profession, wealth, health, relationships, name and fame and inner satisfaction, happiness and peace. The life of great scientists, spiritual leaders, political leaders and business tycoons who lived in abundance and gone on history with name and fame for their great contribution to the entire human race amplifies their spiritual awareness, abilities to control and un-leash the spiritual power and their skills to harmonize their lives with the 14 spiritual laws which govern our life, to become who they were. Thomas A. Edison, Albert Einstein, Wright Brothers, Newton, Graham Bell, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, DR. APJ Abdul Khalam, Steve Job, Bill Gates to quote a few. All these great personalities recognized their True-Self, controlled their false-Self, aspired high for the cause of the human race and thus gone on history with name and fame.

Transformation from resource limited state to resourceful state:

The only way we can attract a life of abundance with prosperity and inner happiness, satisfaction and peace is to ‘free ourselves from the identity crisis’ and ‘to transform ourselves from ‘resource limited state’ to ‘resourceful state’ This is possible only when we remain True-Being and control the false-being and harmonize our life with the 14 basic spiritual laws that determine, whether we like it or not, our physical realities and by extension the quality of our life.

This CALM program would free any participants from the False-Self which causes misery and suffering of one form or the other and empower them to remain true-Being and to put the false-self to a limited but creative use to assure success in all walks of life. The key approach prescribed in the CALM program to remain True-Being and control the False-Self is

“Being Fully and Intensely Present in the Here and Now”

This technique when practiced intensely would alter the psychological time mode of functioning of false-self.

This program provides a complete package of information and techniques to awakening the True-Self and to control the psychological time mode of functioning of False-Self. This is the only solution for Freedom from the False-Self Created Life of Discontent and Longing towards a True-Self Shined Life of Abundance. This is the solution to every problem anyone experience around the globe. When one harmonizes life with the information and techniques offered in CALM, one could ever remain in resourceful state and be in a position to attract only the life of choice and NOT a life of limitations, discontent, longing, shocks and surprises.

CALM program is centred on the universal relationship between the Creator – Creation – Human Race – Role of human race in the grand scheme of things in the Creation - Purpose and the Power of Human Being in the Creation process - and the role of 14 basic Spiritual Laws in determining the quality of human life. An appropriate understanding of such critical spiritual connection would empower one to ‘always’ position oneself in a ‘resourceful state’ within at all times and attract a life of choice.

Please reflect. We spend a minimum of 17 years to obtain our college degree and another three to four years to obtain our masters. But how much time do we honestly spend in understanding the spiritual dimension of human form of life? What is the level of our knowledge on how we create our life; Are we aware of how we create our physical and emotional realities? Are we aware how the invisible spiritual forces within that create visible physical results in our lives? Are we able to control negative physical and emotional realities that always haunt us irrespective of how high or low are we in social, economic and political status? Do we ever learn about the role of invisible spiritual laws in our life and how to harmonize our lives with these laws to assure that we do not create for ourselves suffering and misery of one form or the other? Our formal education does not enlighten us on this truth. Being ignorant of the role of invisible spiritual dimension of human life, vast majority of world population with or without any formal education end up attracting a life of limitations and suffering. Whereas, with spiritual awareness, everyone can attract a life of abundance with prosperity, inner satisfaction, happiness and peace with or without any formal education.

Please be aware!There is NO limit for success in your life! The only limit in your life is the “limitation that you yourself put in your mind” due to your ignorance of your True-Self. Why and how do you do this and how could you avoid this is all about spirituality.

You can ever grow. Your Purpose in the grand scheme of things in the Creation is infinite and that you can easily serve such a purpose provided you are able to be True-Self.

So, let’s just wake up from our deep sleep of ignorance of our True-Self to the knowledge of who we truly are, our connection and role in the Creation, Our purpose, Our True Power and how to unleash the infinite power bestowed on us to serve our infinite purpose and live a life of abundance of prosperity and inner peace.

Yes! CALM programis the solution for everyone. - from those who are longing for basic survival needs to those aspiring for an ever greater life with prosperity, status, power, name and fame and inner- , happiness and peace.

Please be aware of how you create your life. You create your life through your decisions. But we are unaware that the decisions are influenced by our invisible energy field. This program is about how to control our energy field so that we always take creative, well informed and strategic decisions that would reposition our life into one of peace and prosperity.

Please take one right decision right now to join this program :

  • a) To recognize your true invisible self;
  • b)To be able to Be True-Being;
  • c)To be able to control your False-Being;
  • d)To be able to alter your Self-image in support of your aspirations how- ever high it may be; and
  • e) To be able to harmonize your life with 14 invisible spiritual laws.

This one decision could dramatically alter your life. This could be a great moment of change in your life.

As against 20 years of formal education which does not provide any critical insights into your true-self, in just 90 hour CALM course, you would be able to start controlling your life to assure that you attract only a life of abundance in the areas of prosperity, profession, relationship, health and inner satisfaction, happiness and peace and that you do not attract any form of suffering and misery at all.

You would experience within dramatic changes in your perspectives about yourself and the rest of the universe.

You would see sea changes in your perspective of Who You Truly are, Your Role in the creation, Your True Purpose and Power, what you need, what you want, what you can do what you cannot do, what your capacity or incapacity is, what you can accomplish and what you cannot, and how you can go about etc., even by the end of the first chapter. Your perspective of the people around you at home and at the work place and other settings would change paving the way for productive relationship in support of your life aspirations and path – a key factor for succeeding in your life.

In nutshell, you would start moving out of the ‘resource-limited’ state into a ‘resourceful’ state, planning your life and making strategic and well informed and powerful decisions and creating the life of your choice. You would start being True-Being, and shine on your False-Being which will have a new set of Self-image with which you would ever aspire high and scale peak of your choice in any aspect of your life – be it in academics, securing overseas qualifications, great job with power, status and fat pay pack, thriving business, great relationships, ever supportive health, inner satisfaction, happiness and peace.

The key feature of the CALM program is its blend of both eastern and western philosophy of human behaviour science. The curriculum amplifies the structure and depth of the program. The program is structured in a way that each chapter and each session flows into the next one facilitating high level of clarity, continuity, comprehension and easy identification and association with one’s own life – critical for personal motivation for higher realm of life.

Whoever you are and whatever your problems are CALM is the single most solution for you!. Fill in the enquiry page and submit. Our staff will soon get in touch with you to answer your queries, to learn your specific needs and to help in your enrolment with us.

You are in for a great life of your choice.

Be aware! Life of abundance and happiness or a life of limitations and misery is proportional to the level of control we exercise on the spiritual forces within. We help you recognize the Power Within, and teach you how to control such spiritual forces to ever remain in abundance and inner happiness and peace.