CALM Program Topics

CALM Program Topics


Chapter I: Understanding the Big Picture: The Grand Scheme of Things:

1. Definition of God

2. The Creation

3. Recognition of Your True-Self

4. Your Role, and Purpose in the Creation

5. Your Purpose and Power

Chapter II: Your Current State Analysis

Financial Freedom




Image/Credibility/Name and Fame

Inner happiness, satisfaction and peace

Longing? Discontent?

Chapter III: Definition of Success in Life:

6.Evolution of Human Awareness

7.Evolution of Power

8.Definition of Power

9.Definition of Success

10.The True Life Creation Power in the Grand Scheme of Things in the Creation

Chapter IV:The Difference That Makes the Difference:

10.Rich and Poor

11.Great People and Ordinary People

12.Achievers and Poor performers

14.How do you differ from the Great People? (Internal and External Representation) – Power of Communication

Chapter V: Determinants of Success:

15.Your Paradigm

16.Personal Change Principles

17.Fundamental Character Traits of Successful People:

18.Role of Invisible Spiritual Forces Within in creating visible physical results in human life

19.Belief System: 7 Belief System – Life Aspirations

20.Resource Rich State Vs Resource Poor State and consequences

21.Role of Physiology in your Success (6 Principles)

22.Physiology-Health-Success Relationship

23.Precision – Internal and External Communication: 5 Guidelines

24.Role of 14 Invisible Spiritual Laws in Human Life

ChapterVI: Strategic Designing of Life:

25.Proactive Vs. Reactive

26.Result to Result

27.Dream Building : Discovering Unique Capabilities

28.Visualization of Big Pictureof Life

29.Self- Image matchanalysis

30.Transforming Self-limiting, Self-defeating and Self-constraining belief pattern in harmony with the life aspirations.

CHAPTER VII: Self-Management:

31.True-Self Vs. False Self Characteristics

32.Need to Control False-Self/Controlling Strategy

33.Rewiring Self-image& Bringing about Behaviour Changes

CHAPTER VIII: Accessing Supreme Power:

34.Re-establishing relationship with the Supreme Power (Meditation)

35.Engagement With the Supreme Power(Meditation)

CHAPTER IX: Self-Management:

36.Mind Matters

37.Emotional Intelligence

38.Depression Management

39.Addiction Management

40.Happiness Index

41.Living Values

42.Individual – Organization Goal Connections

43.Management and Leadership Style

44.Optimum Performance Techniques

CHAPTER X: Leadership:

45.Value System

46.Health and Happiness

47.Power of Persuasion:

48.Living Excellence: Human Challenge:

49.Optimum Performance Techniques

50.Ultimate Success Formula

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Outcome Expected among the participants:

Rewired Self-image

Greater belief in and ability to unlock the possibilities

High Aspiration

Resourceful internal and external communication through consciously created state

Ability to unleash the infinite power within

Ability to shine on and put the false self to limited but creative use

All time positive communication, attitude and behaviour – both internally and externally

Commitment to and persistence of high realm of life, goals and milestones

Effective management of emotions in support of life of choice

Relationship with the Supreme Power

Ability to effectively manage spiritual faculties.

Ability to experience a life of choice with abundance of prosperity, health, relationship

Experiencing inner satisfaction, happiness and peace.