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“ A Learning Center for Personal and Organizational Change   Management ”

A Brief on CALM (Creating Awareness for Life Mastery) Course

The Calling

CHANGE – “ A Learning Center for Personal and Organizational Change Management ” a Life Transformative Coaching Centre, founded by Mr. K.Gopalan in 2011, is backed by 37 years of his international humanitarian and development experience in many resource-poor countries, including India, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan in Asia, Somalia in East Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mocambique in Southern Africa and South Africa and the technical expertise obtained from transformational coaching organizations/institutions in India and USA. The CALM (Creating Awareness for Life Mastery) program crafted for everyone aged above 12 years to learn the SECRETS governing human life, apply the learning at ease in their lives and attract a life of their choice. With the learning one could scale peak of her/his choice in every aspect of life – be it achieving excellence in studies, accessing and excelling in overseas education, securing a job of choice and great credentials, enjoying financial freedom and abundance, flourishing businesses, enjoying great health and well-being and relationship with all, experiencing lasting inner satisfaction, happiness and peace in life. This program, highly suitable for students, professionals, business people, corporate houses, families and others is designed based on both the eastern and western thoughts on the causes and effects of human behavior and proven personal change approaches. The approaches recommended in this program are expected to bring about dramatic changes in the seekers’ perspectives of human life; the role of invisible power within in creating visible results in human life; the connection with the Universe – the role of spiritual laws in human life and the seekers would clearly see the highly powerful change within right at the early stage of the course.

Wide-spread ‘unawareness’ among people on ‘how life unfolds’ and ‘how the results occur’ leads to ‘self-limiting’, ‘self-sabotaging’ ‘self-defeating’ attitude and crisis ridden reactive ‘life of bondage’ accompanied by negative experiences and emotions such as ‘disappointment’, ‘misery’, ‘sense of failure and frustration’, ‘relationship issues’,‘unhappiness’ and ‘turmoil’. On the contrary,with the knowledge of ‘how life unfolds and how the results occur’ one could strategically position her/his life for an exact opposite results and lasting experience of happiness and peace in life.

Mr. K.Gopalan’s personal life experience especially during his journey from ‘ignorance’ to ‘enlightenment’ and his prolonged reflections on the learning transformed into a burning desire within led to his single minded decision to reach out to the people and declare open this Secret of Life. This is the story of the birth of CHANGE – a learning center for personal and organizational change management. Mr. Gopalan’s endeavor, as a part of his return gift to the Universe is to reach out to the ‘Seekers’ with this highly powerful, inspirational and life changing package of secrets which could dramatically improve one’s quality of life in-terms of both prosperity and inner satisfaction, happiness and peace.

The Focus of the Program

The CALM course offers fundamental information and skills critical for people who wish to move away from any form of suffering and misery into one of lasting inner satisfaction, happiness and peace and prosperity. The program teaches how to transform the experience of misery and suffering from a life that has been ‘ignorantlycreated’ into an experience of lasting prosperity, happiness and peace through a ‘wisely created Life of Prosperity and Happiness’.

The Life Mastery techniques being offered by CALM course continues to be a secret for majority of world’s population, leading to their sense of failure, disappointment, frustration, dissatisfaction and discontent, social and economic unrest in their lives. It is in consideration of this fact, CALM targets to reach out to people in all walks of life, especially students, professionals, business people, corporate houses and families so that they could avoid opportunity losses, shape or re-shape their lives and lead their choice of an empowered, meaningful, successful and purposeful life and experience satisfaction and lasting happiness and peace ‘within’.

CALM focuses on the connection between the Invisible True-Self, Invisible False-Self, Invisible Spiritual Laws of Universe and the Visible Results in Human Life.Vast majority of people due to ignorance of these invisible forces are not equipped to appropriately manage these forces and consequently face misery and suffering in their lives. The highly powerful and inspirational CALM program sensitizes participants on how the Invisible Nature Governs the Visible Form of Results in Life and therefore How to proactively work from the pre-determined results, how to harmonize life with these invisible forces and achieve the desired results rather than leading a life of disappointment, misery and suffering ignorantly created and experiencing shocks and surprises and reactively fighting fire endlessly. This means, starting the life with the ‘envisioned results’, unleashing the invisible power within and acting in harmony with the pre-determined result and the laws of universe and realizing the results envisioned.

Our CALM program seeks to motivate the current and future generations on the importance of ‘taking responsibility’ for their lives ‘unlocking their potential’, ‘unlocking the possibilities’ and aspiring and achieving high’ and making a return gift to the Universe – an expanded purpose of human form of life, and experiencing lasting happiness and satisfaction!

We empower participants with knowledge on the causes and effects of human behavior – based on both the eastern and western thoughts. We provide them with a range of techniques for ‘unleashing and managing the invisible power ‘within’ and being in harmony with the Laws of Nature. The program will offer techniques to be ‘Fully and Intensely Present in the Here and Now’ rather than feeding the ‘False-Self’ that runs our life on ‘Psychological Time’ and ‘Wasting Wonderful Opportunities’. This would prevent our usual‘pitfalls’ (thanks to the gravitational force towards the ‘known’) and instantly alter our stateto be in harmony with our desire. Such a state would assure that it produces, NOT the attitude and behavior which are detrimental to our life and desires,BUT only those attitude and behavior which are supportive of,one’s life dreams/goals and strategies

Complementarity with ‘Organizational Vision and Processess’

Our CALM program would seek to empower organizational work teams, executives and corporate heads with information on Secret of Life and techniques and skills to recognize the connection between the home life – organizational role – individual-team and business vision’. Our Life Mastery program for your staff would clearly complement your organizational objectives. The program will sensitize your staff on the connection between their individual life aspirations/goals/dreams and the goals and objectives of the team and the organization they are engaged with and impress upon on the aspect of the link between their growth and organizational growth. It would help them recognize and be committed to the fact that their individual growth is inter-dependent with organizational growth, leading to high level of organizational productivity. This enhanced understanding of the inter-dependence between their personal goals and the organizational goals coupled with their improved knowledge on the connection between the Invisible Laws of Universe – Invisible Power Within Human System – Visible Results in Life, is expected to fuel lasting commitment to achieve excellence in their work leading to a far greater output at organizational level. It would benefit your staff scale greater height in their professional ladder and the organization to improve business and productivity. The program would benefit both the staff and the organization grow together.

Value of the Program for your Organization:

Your investment on your staff in the area of transformational coaching would position your organization distinctly different from other players in the field. The shared understanding on the spiritual dimension of human form of life among both the managers and manages throughout the organizational structure would create greater mutual commitment, mutual understanding and mutual appreciation of the roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and expectations. Such an organizational/business climate would uniquely position your organization in the competing market environment. While the work team, management would experience high level of satisfaction of the opportunity to learn, contribute and grow with the organization, the organizational chief/business owners would experience unique niche in the market. This, in-turn would impact in your organizational productivity and quality of services leading to significant enhancement in the image and credibility of your organization. The demand for your services and products could increase to an unimagined level. Such an organizational growth could pave the way for an organizational climate where everyone experience transparency, space for learning, contribution and growth together with the organization.

Value of the Program for the Participants

The trainees with their improved understanding of the Secret of Life would aim and strive hard to achieve their social, economic, professional and relationship aspirations and experience happiness and peace in life. With their new knowledge on the connections between the ‘self-image’ – ‘human behavior pattern’ – ‘physical results’would develop high level of motivation to approach their profession and professional situations with greater sense of responsibility and commitment. The practitioners would aspire high, unleash the power within, harmonize their lives with the spiritual laws and achieve high.

The change occurred ‘within’ expected to improve ‘understanding’ ‘attitude’, and ‘communication’ leading to harmonious relationship and happiness among all members at work and at home. Such a positive relationship would in-turn manifest in the area of individual and organizational productivity, happiness and peace. With their improved relationship management techniques everyone would love and be loved by everyone – both at work and at home. Both the individual staff and the organization will experience lasting prosperity, happiness and peace.

With the improved ‘Life Mastery’ knowledge and skills, participants could proactively strategize, shape and lead their ‘well-informed choice of life. In this proactive ‘Life of Choice’ (rather than reactive ‘Life of Bondage’), life will begin from the results (Not Actions). In this approach, a person is in deep harmony with her/his vision, dream and plans and constantly monitor and alter as appropriate her/his state to assure that it produces only behaviors and actions that are consistent and corresponding to the vision/goals/plans. With this ‘proactive’ approach to life, the person in control of the state of mind is sure to scale great heights of choice, never imagined possible, and experience lasting satisfaction, happiness and peace. The personality of such people could be visible all over and in every interactions and relationships. This is exactly the technique followed by personalities who made great contributions to the universe and who made our life today so comfortable (Newton, Einstein, Edison, Wright Brothers Graham Bell, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Steve Job , Dr. Abdul Kalam - to name a few).

This is in steep contrast to the wide-spread reactive crisis ridden ‘life of bondage’ led by most where an individual does not control her/his life but is allowed to be controlled by life. Such approach to life is expected to be a life of an eternal crisis management resulting in a sense of frustration, unhappiness, failure and turmoil and eternal discontent. Such personalities usually blame the external factors for failure, frustration and unhappiness, while the real issue is ‘within’. Our program totally negates the usual excuses such as situations/circumstances for failing, for achieving the minimum success and for not being ‘great’!

For CHANGE, it would be of great satisfaction of our progress towards our expanded purpose of human form of life i.e., ‘making return gift to the universe’. Thus it is a great mutual value between and among all players – your staff – your organization and us in CHANGE. In short, a complete change ‘within’ and towards ‘outside’, among all players, critical for lasting prosperity, happiness and peace in life.

Our Prescription

While the Laws of Universe provides the same resources to all human being, how some people become great personalities/achievers/huge contributors to the Universe and go on the history and experience lasting satisfaction, happiness and peace?

How some people despite their wealthy and powerful situation remain unhappy?

How the majority of the people become the mediocre living in eternal discontent and longing?

And, how the rest of the large segment of population are recognized to be ‘unfortunates’ or ‘vulnerable’ or ‘disadvantaged’ people eternally living in misery, complaints, suffering, frustration and unhappiness.

When these questions are pondered over, the honest reflection and answer could point to the ‘level of spiritual knowledge and harmonizing life with such knowledge’ as the difference between ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ and ‘great’ and ‘ordinary’. What makes the difference between these segments of population is exactly our prescription in our CALMprogram. To cap it all, the CALM program will urge the participants to ‘unlock’ their ‘potential’ and ‘possibilities’ and work towards their model of perfection ever present in the Universe.

The program would significantly enhance the confidence, capabilities and commitment of the participantsto aim high and strategically shape or re-shape their lives, make strategic and determined decisions at right time. It is such a decision which will cause the universe to shift around and bring people, circumstances and events towards the realization of their dreams and scale the height of their choice, in academics, profession, professional targets, business targets, wealth and economic independence and communication and relationships.

The range of techniques offered in the CALM program, are highly powerful for setting and achieving high. These techniques, when practiced, would bring about significant change ‘within’ and constantly influence the state , attitude and behavior in pursuit of life ambitions. Participants would be skilled enough to harmonize their lives with laws of universe and to make right decisions at right time leading to the realization of their dreams/goals.