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CHANGE – “ A Learning Center for Personal and Organizational Change Management ” a Life Transformative Coaching Centre, founded by Mr. K.Gopalan in 2011, is backed by 37 years of his international humanitarian and development experience in many resource-poor countries, including India, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan in Asia, Somalia in East Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mocambique in Southern Africa and South Africa and the technical expertise obtained from transformational coaching organizations/institutions in India and USA.

  • The Focus of the Program:
  • Complementarity with ‘Organizational Vision and Processess’
  • Value of the Program for the Participants
  • Our Prescription

Courses and Services

Transformative Coaching

The Creator – Creation – Yourself - Your Current State - Definition of Success in Life - Fundamental Character Traits of Successful People - Strategic Designing of Life

Social Sector

Capacity Building of NGOs/INGOs/Partners

Social Sector Consultancy

Program - Organization Development - Management


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